Ten Ways to Live Your Best Life with the VI Swag Fanny Pack

We’ve all been here before. Your hands are full. You’re struggling to hold on to your coffee cup while your dog pulls on the leash in your other hand whilst simultaneously struggling to sift through the disaster zone that is the inside of your bag to find your car keys. For a moment you wish you were an octopus; so many limbs, such ease of living. Then you remember people eat octopus. Never mind, you want to remain at the top of the food chain.

An iguana runs by and your life flashes before your eyes as your dog throws its entire life energy into pursuing this poorly timed reptilian passerby causing a series of unfortunate events that leaves you with an exploded cup of coffee, the contents of your bag in disarray on the ground, and potentially whiplash.
Yes, many have been here before in some variation, not knowing that there is another, more stylish way to live:
The VI Swag Fanny Pack.
Function on a higher plane of existence and improve all aspects of your life with this magnificently versatile accessory and never again be forced to function within the constraints of having to hold multiple items with your poor overworked hands.
The VI Fanny Pack has infinite benefits, but here are the Top Ten most versatile uses of this magnificent creation, including tips on how to make the most of your Swag:
1. Traveling in Style

No one enjoys digging through their carry-on or personal item in a frantic attempt to locate their passport so they can present it to an already angry TSA agent while passengers in line behind you silently judge your lack of preparedness. Keep your travel essentials safe, secure, and ready to go.

Suggested Contents: passport, keys, plane tickets, headphones, plane snacks, cash and cards, hand sanitizer.

2. Snacks on Snacks

Have you ever been hungry? Then the Pack is for you! For the casual snacker looking to keep a handful of almonds nearby, or the hangry human who becomes instantly transformed into a demon from hell at the first rumbling of the tummy, the Fanny Pack has you covered.

Suggested Contents: street chicken (wrapped in foil), chips (dump the entire bag in there for hands-free access), granola bars, nuts, ribeye steak, La Croix.

3. CEO’s and Corporate Goals

When you’re a corporate slave, you don’t have time to mess around. Don’t miss a beat and keep your essential items at the ready.

Suggested Contents: backup battery packs, charge cords, personal phone, work phone, backup work phone, business cards, pens, your will to live.

4. In the Event of the Apocalypse

Sometimes the island you live on gets leveled by two Category 5 hurricanes of unprecedented strength and magnitude and you wonder what you possibly could have done in a past life to deserve such a cruel twist of fate. Well never fear, VI Swag has your back (and your Pack) to get you through the wasteland your home has become post-natural disaster!

Suggested Contents: pocket knife, curfew pass, life-sustaining beef jerky, headlamp, cash, keys, cell phone, battery pack, screwdriver, pepper spray, perhaps a very small chainsaw.

 5. Carnival

Is your shoulder bag getting in the way of wukking up to Kes during Carnival? VI Swag Fanny Pack is business in the front, and Bacchanal in the back, so you can use your free hands to catapult yourself to dance on stage for a brief moment before security escorts you away from the backup dancers.

Suggested Contents: color powder, cash, cell phone, ferry ticket, jello shots, mini rum bottles, face buff, more alcohol.

6. Fitness on the Fly 

Maintaining a regular fitness routine is hard. Eating ice cream is easy. Set yourself up for success with the sporty and functional Fanny Pack to keep you motivated and committed to fitness. From the gym, to hiking the National Park trails of St. John, to competing in road races, you can get swole with style. 

Suggested Contents: headphones, protein bar, hand grips, cell phone, energy gel (those 8 Tuff Mile hills are no joke).  

 8. Walking with Woofers

Being a dog parent is a rewarding but demanding job. Make your life easier by freeing up a hand and put on your Pack next time you take Mr. SnuggleNuggets Von GooberMuffin for a walk.

Suggested Contents: doggy doodoo bags, phone, dog treats.

9. Happy Hour That Turns into Sad Hours of Hangover the Next Morning

Going out for adult beverages and simultaneously being responsible has long been a feat rarely achieved.  Well no longer! Never lose your bag or its contents on a night out again, because they will quite literally be attached to your body.

Suggested Contents: cash, credit cards, keys, cell phone, your dignity, Advil.

10. Boat Better

Boating can be an extreme sport, particularly in the Virgin Islands, and successful athletes always have the best equipment. Win at boating (and life) with the VI Swag Fanny Pack.

Suggested Contents:  sunscreen, lip balm, VI Swag Face Buff, cash for Soggy Dollar, cell phone, sunglasses.



Now get off the internet and get outside. And don’t forget-
Don’t be wack, put on your Fanny Pack.

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